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UPDATE: I found the original owner of my car, and she was kind enough to look through her pictures and found the only 3 she could. Here they are.......don't know exactly when taken, but I would believe the car was still fairly new then. Never mind the scratches, etc. they're from the dust/scratches on the pictures, especially the third picture from the top. In addition, she was kind enough to include the original Oldsmobile Complimentary Cassette tape which came with the car when new!





Restoration is a strong word to describe what I did to my car. It's #19 of 3500 made for 1984. I had originally thought it was #21, based on the information the Olds History Center had provided. The actual number was found out to be #19. I bought the car cheap off an online auction site, sight unseen except for a few pictures. I was just going to spruce it up a bit and drive the wheels off of it to and from work, but one thing led to another and well....you know how it goes. I replaced a lot of stuff with NOS or new GM parts, but not all the parts were available, so I had to refurbish a few. The front end sheet metal and all the chrome/plastic components except the front bumper bar and hood have been replaced. Door rot got this one, and new GM door skins were put on good solid junkyard doors. The only thing I wasn't happy about was that while the interior needed redoing, the original material was no longer available. Anywhere. I had to substitute a very close in texture and color fabric. They sewed it to 84 style specs, and unless I parked it next to another 84 H/O, no one really notices. The following pics show what I started with to the final product. It didn't turn out too bad. And it wasn't excessively expensive either.


Here's the "hulk" I started with above.

Here the hood is prepped underneath.

New door skins and fenders.....

In the paint booth.......

Don't you love it when the gravel guard is placed just right?

Another shot of a rare "inside look" of the paint booth.

It came out ok, don't you think?