Correct dark maple leather now available!!!!



Leather. Luxurious and expensive feel to the touch. Although this is completely affordable!!!!! If you have an 82-84 Olds Cutlass with the 2-spoke sport steering wheel in Dark Maple color [1982 called it Dark Redwood] interior code 77, and you're wanting to renew that cruddy steering wheel, then you've found the right place. As far as I know, you can't find this leather anywhere. American Stitches said they didn't have this type and finish available to them. But if you supply the leather, they can sew up your wheel like new again. They're the only place I know that restitches leather wheels currently. Atlanta Buick Specialties is starting an H/O and 442 rewrap program for around the same price, but I only got an email from them saying it would be around 190.00 to redo a GN wheel, they'd have to look at an H/O wheel. Might be less. So far, subsequent emails and phone calls from them go unanswered. Maybe they decided not to do it. I don't know.

UPDATE: 9/16/01

Got one of my wheels back from American Stitches. Oh, what a difference! A bit pricey, but I must say the result is outstanding. Same look and feel as original. But you be the judge. See pic at bottom of page.

Look at the pictures below for comparisons to an original 84 wheel. Not bad when the sample was laid up against the steering wheel. I pulled out the folded over piece on the back side of one of the spokes to try and find "virgin" material (don't pay attention to the glue spots on the wheel). This stuff has been in a hot car for 17+ years. As you can see, when protected and taken care of, leather will last a LONG time.

(Keep in mind, that with all leathers, the dyeing process varies from skin to skin so slight shade differences and textures are natural. Any leather shop will tell you that.)

Quantaties are limited (you'll get enough leather to do one wheel) and priced at $25, so if you're interested, contact me at


Hmmm.....seems to match the plastic color fairly well.



Not too many times will you see a nice, neat rolled edge on these steering wheels.

I just folded it over for the pic to simulate what it might look like installed. Not bad.



This pic shows the grain pattern comparison and what I think is a good color match. Don't mind the

glue spot on the bottom part of the wheel's exposed piece. I couldn't get that off. Makes it look darker.

Here's the wheel I got back from American Stitches using the leather I supplied. Needless to say, it looks like new again!